Setup your wireless car charging mount


a smart wireless car charging phone holder, supports scanning and auto-tracking coils to charging different brands smartphones. Make you easily experience the fun of wireless smart digital products. Please read this manual carefully before operating this device

Air vent clip fixing method

Step1. 1.Loosen the air vent clip nut, andinsert the clip into the air conditioner blade; 

Step2 .Rotate and tighten the Air vent clip nut; 

Step3. Insert the Type-c data cable to the port, the clamp arms will automatically open.

Step4. Place the phone on the holder the arm will auto close and lock,and then auto-scanning the coil and charging; 


 Product Model: XMZ01
Input: 5V==2A; 9V==2A; 12V==1.5A(Max)
Output: 5W/7.5W/10W/15W(Max)
Induction Distance: 2-8mm
Bare-metal Weight: 182g, With clip 205g



* Keep out of reach of children.
* Do not use under wet conditions.
* Please do not make any change to the product by yourself.
* Please avoid a strong collision of the product.
* Do not disassemble and repair the product if you are not a professional.
* Do not use external force to move the clamp arm.
* The product needs to be equipped with QC2.0/QC3.0 and other formally
certified car chargers to fit.
* The product uses the principle of wireless charging and capacitive sensing
to make charging more convenient.
* The product has a built-in battery. Please touch the button to open the clip
arm after charging for 5 minutes and disconnecting the power.


Wireless charging phone mount