The FAQs of using wireless chargers

Why is my phone not wirelessly charging with this product even when it’s a Qi-enabled phone?

It’s advised that you please make sure your phone case doesn’t exceed 4mm thickness;

Secondly, connect the charging mount to the QC3.0 adapter that comes with the product instead of the conventional built-in USBs.

Lastly, please reach out to us through the order detail page, We will follow up with you within 12 hours. 

Why does my phone charge very slowly with MEISO Qi charging stand?

We strongly suggest using the charging stand with a QC3.0/PD wall charger, especially when charging two devices simultaneously.

Please note: Do not use the old adapter coming with iPhone. It can only provide a maximum 7.5W much less than 20W output that the charging mount requires. 

Do wireless chargers support charging through a phone case?

Gnerally, Wireless chargers can charge through phone cases that are no thicker than 6 mm. However, any cases with keys, metal ring, magnetic attachment, or credit cards will interfere with wireless charging.Please

Note: The charging efficiency will be reduced when charging with a phone case on.

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